Digital Culture Based on a Core Values of AKHLAK

Amanah, Kompeten, Harmonis, Loyal, Adaptif and Kolaboratif (AKHLAK) is our core values as SOE. We apply it on daily basis with our digital ways of working: Telkom CODES (Customer centricity, Open Mind, Data-drivenness, agilE innovation and continueS improvement). With an involvement of your strong character, it would make everything works efficiently and effectively

Flexible Working Arrangement

Working can be anywhere, because what matter is your productivity.

You are all allowed to Work From Anywhere, working from home, from office or from satellite, you are all welcome! Just don’t forget to tell your team and report your progress to Diarium (our super apps). Get things done no matter where you are.

Work Life Integration

Working is good, being productive is cool. But every time your family calls, they are obviously the priority. We will ensure you got the time to treat them well with no worry, because we got your back. Join our community to make the office feels like home, go for sport or art club, make friends and have some fun!