Career Development, Group and International Talent Mobility

We are not only managing your career but we want to be with you to develop it. Develop and plan your career with our integrated talent management system (Ingenium) and be ready to be placed in our subsidiaries across nation or be ready to be global citizen to assist us managing our 11 footprints around the world. You are our employee and at the same time, is a part of Indonesian best talent.

Personal Development through Professional Development

Your personal and professional development matter the most. Because it would make you feel better and boost your confidence. Upskill both, don’t choose only one. Our Assessment Center (ACI)—the best and the oldest in Indonesia is here to advance it optimally. Nothing beats the best people who wear their professional skill confidently

Leadership Program: Empowering Future Leader

Dear aspiring leader, Inspire before Expire!

Take a chance to learn directly from our best national talents. We want you be an inspiring leader not only for this company but also for your community and for greater good of Indonesia. We have many inspiring leaders who are now leading other companies with our values inside. Learn today, Lead tomorrow!