Integrated Learning and Certification Program

You’ve got a learning environment ever since you are entering the company. We will ensure you get your time to always learning throughout our integrated trainings and certification programs to support your daily task and your future career. It is conducted both online and offline, facilitated by our Corporate University-- Best Overall Award Winner of Global Council of Corporate University since 2017.

Innovation Playground for the Champions

Explore great opportunities to be a part of our corporate innovation program. We have Amoeba and Hack Idea to facilitate you to be CEO of your own product. Don’t worry to fail for your innovation. Fail Fast, Success Faster! Learn more about our corporate innovation program here.

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Scholarship, National and Global Talent Program

If you think get into a company makes you stop dreaming about pursuing your higher education, worry no more! We have scholarship program to facilitate you to continue your study in the best universities in Indonesia and abroad. However if you are curious about another working experience, we have National and Global Talent Program that enables you to experience working in reputable company in Indonesia and around the world for period at least three months.