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Data Scientist
4 October 2019 - 2 November 2019

Job Description:

Data Scientists will work to generate demand for big data and analytical solutions across internal Telkom and external Telkom's Enterprise Customer, with the objective of securing new business for the TELKOM Indonesia.  This will include positioning and delivering big data proof-of-concept projects.Because big data technologies are relatively new to the Asia market, it is anticipated that prospective customers may want to see a proof-of-concept demonstration of the technology before committing to investing in it. Working closely with the existing TELKOM Account Teams successful candidates will qualify opportunities; identify valuable use-cases; and deploy TELKOM technology to demonstrate its utility and value to the customer’s satisfaction.In addition, Data Scientists will be expected to present for TELKOM at conferences or at a senior level within customer and prospect organisations, and to actively engage with existing TELKOM Account and Professional Services teams to foster knowledge transfer and the sharing of relevant skills and experience. Data Scientists may also be called upon to undertake post-sales implementation work, if / as required.  As such, successful candidates will be expert in the application of advanced statistical and analytical methods to the solution of business problems and will also demonstrate excellent people skills.

UI/UX Designer, UX Researcher & UX Writer
4 October 2019 - 20 October 2019

Job Description:

User-experience designers are responsible for creating the look and feel of a specific computer interface. This allows them to navigate the functionality of that interface and produce a certain type of human-computer interaction. These designers generally work on teams, applying their skills to a website or computer product, such as a piece of software. These teams can include different types of designers.

Interaction designers work primarily with navigation structures and interface functions. Their work is foundational to the site or product being created; every other aspect of the design experience goes on top of their storyboards and mockups for how the design will actually work. The interaction designer is the member of the team that spends the most time with user research and testing. The information designer deals mainly with content specific to the site or product, as well as working up user assistance tools. The visual designer is concerned with the aesthetics of the final product.

Despite these differences, user-experience design boils down to the task of translating the requirements for a product's optimal functionality into interactive solutions. This entails the incorporation of market research and psychology, design of the human-computer interface for optimal effectiveness, inclusion of easily navigable content, and graphic design and finishing for maximum aesthetic appeal.