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Hasil Seleksi Tahap Akhir Rekrutasi Calon Karyawan PT Telkom Tahun 2018  Great People Trainee Program Batch VIII Sumber Website

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Software Architect & Scrum Master
18 September 2018 - 2 October 2018

Job Description:

As a software architect, you will provide best-fit architectural solutions for one or more projects. you will assist in defining scope and sizing of work and anchor Proof of Concept developments. You will provide solution architecture for the business problem, platform integration with third party services, designing and developing complex features for business needs.

As a scrum master, you will provide effective collaboration, facilitation, leadership and coaching skills supporting the agile development process and delivery of each project. You should do make a significant impact, developing and coaching new scrum teams and changing the way of work. You will enforce the agile tenants, removing impediments and promoting empowerment. Support agile based SDLC for software development creating necessary standards, tools and best practices in a clearly document form.

We invite the nation’s best professionals with strong capability to give our customer their best business solutions &  best customer experience.